Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

How is NFT connected to contracts?
You can have a contract to buy goods or sell goods and then connect it as an NFT ( You can ask us to help you) and then the contract of deal is salable.
Example: You can buy a car from a company or a person in Los Angeles for a good price, lets say that the price of the car ( As listed is $10.000) ) so lets say you live in Australia or somewhere in the USA, you can buy the car by paying the $10.000 but you know you can sell it for $15.000, Now took title to the car and can resell it ( All depends on the local laws) to someone else, without even ever touching the car or seeing it in person
How will I get paid?
You can get paid with cryptocurrency like ethereum. This makes your offer totally transparent. You don’t need the whole world to know what you are doing. You can buy, sell and trade and stay anonymous.
I need financing, what should I do?

you need financing for your new venture, you can decide how much money you need, write your case in descriptions and then you can sell portions of the NFT to investors.

( Remember the local laws in your country , in the USA it may trigger an SEC situation which you may be able to comply with by filing 506b or 506C or A+ filing or other and we can send you to the right direction for that.

NFT in the above case can act as coins because actually an NFT is a token and can be divided, so instead of all kind of complicated paperwork you can direct your investors to the information on you NFT and then can buy portions of it.

For example: You are looking to raise 1.000.000 Dollars in groups of $50.000 each then you. Either sell 20 NFTs for $50.000 or one NFT divided by 50. Note that filing 506C or 506B is not that complicated and can be done by a person without a lawyer we can sell you templates.

In No way we act as lawyers and give you legal advice, its all suggestions you need to consult with a lawyer when it comes to financing.

Remember that in some cases you may need to file with the SEC. We are not responsible to advise you if you require an SEC filings or not. We only carry your offer. We are not your partners. You pay us a service fee for carrying your NFT on our sites or other.

Examples of use
Her are some examples of use:
  • 1. You have just negotiated a house renovation project for $250.000 with profit margins of about 50%. If you don’t want to bother with this project you can sell the whole project (including the customer, sources to get materials and other things as per project needed). You can list the NFT it for sale for $35.000 and let someone else take over and make the profits. The buyer will make $90.000. The seller can be sitting in another country and the buyer in the city where the work is needed.
  • 2. You need $250.000 financing for your business. You sell $25.000 blocks in your business against a percentages of ownership. You may need registration with the SEC which may be easy to do in many cases.
  • 3. You have a high tech company and you need money for a startup.
  • 4. You just found a house with a lease option deal. You need the money to do the lease option and sell the rights to another party.
  • 5. There are endless cases of real estate deals that you can use NFTs to make money with. You can buy and sell a purchase contract without moving an inch from your chair!
The possibilities are limitless and are the real power of NFT ...
Do you offer escrow services?
In some cases we will be offering escrow services as you may not trust the entity that is giving the offer. This will make your business much more secure.
I have another question/concerne?
For any questions or queries please Please mail to, we will get back to you ASAP.